“KAKANDA” is a gripping film that blends suspense, action, romance, violence, and humor. At its core, it delves into the themes of ignorance and stigma.

Mairama, an eighteen-year-old, embodies beauty, innocence, and a deep reverence for tradition. Raised in a family of illiterates, she is unable to differentiate between illness and supernatural afflictions. Like generations before her, Mairama is compelled to accept the proposal of the first suitor, regardless of his age or status. Tragically, her betrothed, Ahmadu, is terminally ill, casting a shadow over their future together.

The narrative begins in a local boxing arena, where Amadu faces off against his opponent in a fierce duel, ultimately meeting defeat. As the story progresses from the bustling arena to the Tukuba, a beloved local suya spot, it becomes evident that Amadu is exhibiting symptoms of an undisclosed illness, later revealed to be Hepatitis B. Conversations reveal Amadu’s decision to return to his village, where he is revered as a hero and admired by many village girls.


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